I have heard people give counsel about being cautious when working or doing business with “family members.”  I understand that in business situations it can be hard to correct or to lay off a family member without causing long lasting familial conflicts.  It can be easy for one family member to “pick sides” with or “take offense” over another family member, thus causing great turmoil within the company.  Of course family disputes between two people in the same business can cause awkward situations for all the staff, but those situations and conflicts can exist between any two people, not just relatives.

A careful study and comparison of the Scriptures would show that:

  • The disciples James and John      were the sons of Zebedee and their mother is Salome (Matt 4:21,22; Matt      27:57; Mark 15:40; John 19:25).
  • These same scriptures      indicate that Salome is also the sister of Mary the mother of the      Jesus.   This means that the      disciples James and John were first cousins of Jesus.
  • It is understood from John      1:35-42 and other references that two of the disciples of John the Baptist      were John, the son of Zebedee, and Andrew, the brother of Simon      Peter.
  • Luke 1:36 states that      Elizabeth the wife of Zacharias, the mother of John the Baptist, is a      relative of Mary the mother of Jesus, probably a cousin.
  • Therefore Jesus is related to      John the Baptist and to the disciples John and James

This is a lot of detailed information but it shows that when God chose to use people he was not afraid to work within family connections.

   Perhaps there is much that God would want to do in and through your family.  Perhaps with godly responses, as James and John the sons of Zebedee and John the Baptist exhibited, under God’s leading, your family members could also make a great team for God’s kingdom.  God Has placed you into the unique family relationships that you have.  Expect God to also work in and through them.

Lord Jesus, help me to value my relatives and help me to see you working in them.