Everyone has a unique style of handwriting. The study of various handwriting is called graphology. A good graphologist would be able to determine character attributes about the writer. Whether the writer is frugal, artsy, tense, free flowing, meticulous, etc. For 40 days Moses has been on the Mount Sinai, God has given the Ten Commandments and other instructions to Moses. As Moses is about to descend from Mount Sinai, God carves out two tablets of stone and writes on both sides of the two tablets. God inscribe the Decalogue, or The Ten Commandments on these stone tablets. (Ex. 31:18) I know what my handwriting looks like. It is very small, and messy; I must be a thrifty person, not wasting paper, write small so you can get more words per page, hence use less paper and less ink – both of these saves money.

The small letters that flow into a barely readable blur must also mean that I save precious time, instead of taking extra moments to write legibly, I save my time for other things. That might be good analysis of my handwriting, but I wonder what the handwriting of God would have looked like. What character traits would we be able to determine about God from seeing His handwriting? If only we still had those two tablets of stone. On Sunday, in my mind, I saw a picture of the handwriting of God! I was in a church service, people were worshiping and a picture appeared before me. Instantly as the handwriting appeared I could see that God was loving, that He was forgiving, that He cared for people, that He wanted to help people. I saw many people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and ages. Through life they had all made various different mistakes and errors, they all had struggles and challenges ahead of them. But all of these had been embraced, received, touched and changed by God. It was on these people’s lives that I saw the writing of God. By what had happened in these people I could see God’s love, forgiveness, care, and help. 2 Cor. 3:1-3 says that we are epistles which God has written by His Spirit upon our hearts. Lord Jesus, work in us so that the people around us clearly see the work of You in our lives, that they might easily know what You are like.