... and I ran out of that grave!

Hello Women of Worth!

We trust you all enjoyed your new study group this last week!

Just a reminder:

  • Coffee/Tea is served from 9:15am – 9:35am in the Chapel
  • Worship begins around 9:35am
  • Then grab your snack and head to your small group study room!


Based on Manitoba Legislation, we need to change the way we “do food” at the church.

We can no longer bring in any homemade food.

All food must be purchased from a grocery store or restaurant. The food must come to church in the sealed package that it was purchased in (or in Restaurant packaging – for eg, Tim Horton’s Box of Muffins)

So what does this mean for WOW?

Well, we still love our snack break, so please continue to bring snacks when you feel so inclined and just make sure it is purchased! Yes, we will miss those home cooked goodies but we are excited to follow this new procedure to ensure the health and safety of the ladies attending the ministry!


40 Days of Praise – let’s keep it going!

Now that we’re finished the 40 days of Praise Campaign, let’s use some of those “tools” we learned about to keep on praising the Lord.  Try the “goal post” or “wash the windows” while you listen to this song that we did at church this last weekend.


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