As I mentioned in the past post I was in Mexico with 9 other people.  We had gone for the purpose of helping to build a washroom for a church in the community of Colonet.  This meant physical labor, moving cement blocks, digging foundations, sifting sand, mixing cement, etc.

Moving Cement Blocks

All of this was good and helpful for the people of Mexico where we were serving.  But in the midst of the practical serving, God is also interested in spiritual matters and the matters of the heart.  Therefore is was not uncommon for the team members to spend time sharing the scriptures, praying or sharing their testimonies with those that they were laboring beside.

Engaging With Children

Of course that is what you would expect on the mission field.  On the mission field you are looking for opportunities to minister of the goodness of the Lord.  We are in the mission field for one purpose, that of touching others.

But shouldn’t that be what we are doing all the time?  Shouldn’t we be looking for opportunities to minister to others, opportunities to pray, opportunities to share hope, and to interact in positive ways with those around us?  Unfortunately many time we are so focused on ourselves and our plans that we are indifferent to the needs of those around us.  We often don’t even see the people around us, at least not in a way that challenges us to reach out to them.

Lord help us to see the people and the needs around us.  Give us strength to step out into the mission field that is all around us.