There are times when it seems like, “God just doesn’t seem to care about me”.  We might think that “God is helping others, He hears their prayers but He is ignoring my plight”.  Or it might appear as though “God never seems to answer me, He is distant to me yet not to others.”  These can be discouraging thoughts.  We look at what God seems to be doing within the lives of others, we hear the testimonies of others, yet when we look at our lives, we think that God has abandoned us.  Others speak of the miraculous, answered prayer or the changing power of God; yet in our lives we think that none of His power is present.  It would seem we are hidden and God can’t see us, nor does He want to help us.  We think that we are ignored by God or that He doesn’t care about us.

Perhaps however,  there is something that God is doing which we are not aware of, but need to be.  It is in such a situation that God speaks through the prophet Isaiah “Why do you say, “My way is hidden from the Lord,  And my just claim is passed over by my God”?” (Is. 40:27).  God then goes on to state that:

  • He does not faint, nor is He weary  –  vs 28
  • He understands all things – vs 28
  • He gives power to the weak – vs 29
  • He increases the strength of those who have no might,  – vs 29

These ones who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength – vs 31

  • They shall mount up with wings as eagles,
  • They shall run and not be weary
  • They shall walk and not faint.

In an interesting situation God took Moses and hid him, and passed over him.  Yet in this situation it was not for punishment but actually for the revelation of Himself.  See Ex 33:21-23; 34:4-9.

If we learn to constantly look towards the Lord, then in what seems to be the hiding process, and in the time of being passed over, God will actually reveal His nature, His character, His glory and His strength.  If we will learn to wait on our Lord, then our strength will be renewed, we shall mount up on wings as eagles.