High School (gr. 9-12)

Our goal is to see students know Christ and to make Him known. God’s plan is not for youth to live just ordinary lives – the youth of this generation have the potential to accomplish great things for God. God is raising them up to no longer be content with just ordinary lives, but to move and lead others into the awesome plans that God has for them.

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High School Ministry - Sept 21st - Pizza Party!

This week! Small Group Pizza Party! September 25th - FRIDAY From 7:30pm - 9:30pm - COST: FREE We’re going to go over what our year is going to look like…
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High School Ministry - Sept 18th - Corn Maze!

This week! Kick Off At The Corn Maze! September 18th - FRIDAY ***From 6:45pm - 9:30pm - COST: FREE*** MEET @ THE CHURCH! Last year we got rained out! This…
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High School Ministry - Sept 9th - No Youth!

This week! No Youth! We are figuring out the Fall season! Hang tight this week and get ready for the next! Next week! Kick Off At The Corn Maze! September…
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