Reaching Around the World

In Matthew 28, Jesus spoke to his followers and challenged them to be outward focused. Their mandate was to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing the new followers and teaching them to obey everything that Jesus had commanded them. God’s people are to go into the world, bringing the good news of Jesus and implementing change through evangelism and the making of disciples. Church of the Rock fulfills this mission in a variety of ways.

Church of the Rock places a high priority on Missions as part of Christ’s command to go into all the world and make disciples. We have an annual “Pie Auction” event to raise money for specific projects, but the generosity of our people is evident through ongoing giving and response to needs as they arise.

Using many facets of ministry, we endeavour to connect with the people around us so that we can bring God’s perspective, hope and life. All followers of Jesus, at least on an individual basis, are to engage with the lives and culture around them.

Sending Teams

To augment this, Church of the Rock often sends teams to minister alongside local indigenous leaders, encouraging these leaders and then working as a group to proclaim the good news of Jesus to those around them. Ministering to people of other ethnicity, language or economic status may not be easy, but we constantly see that God richly works as we engage with those outside our comfort zone—and He also changes the team members at the same time.

In addition to the team members, there are many people locally who volunteer in Missions by collecting and sorting donated items and creating craft kits to send with the team, as well as helping with fundraisers and awareness.  Maybe you would like to get involved too?  Join our Missions Support Team and get on the call list for when needs arise.

Partnering with Missions Organizations

Because the mission field is great, we often partner with other organizations who already have a proven effective ministry in touching the lives of others by providing resources, people and finances.

Some of the local ministries which Church of the Rock partners with are:

  • House of Hesed
  • Crisis Pregnancy
  • Youth For Christ
  • Living Bible Explorers
  • Teen Challenge
  • Journey Canada
  • Chai Immigrant Centre
  • Give the Word (Equip Canada)
  • Hands of Hope
  • Walls of Freedom
  • Niverville Helping Hands
  • Segue

Some of the national and international ministries which Church of the Rock works with are:

  • OneBook Canada
  • Empower Ministries
  • Frontiers Canada
  • Operation Mobilization
  • World Focus Inc.
  • Africa Renewal Ministries
  • International Justice Mission
  • Tear Fund
  • International Christian Mission services
  • WEC International
  • Frontline
  • Voice of the Martyrs
  • Youth With a Mission
  • Touch of Grace

In addition to regular ongoing missions giving, we hold special fundraising events like our annual “Pie Auction”, bake sales, etc., to provide an assortment of opportunities for Christians to give financially to the mission of sharing the message about Jesus to the world.

For more info, contact the church office: / 204-261-0070


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