Advancing Missions in the 10/40 Window

Our 2018 Missions Pie Auction will very soon be here to take over our weekend services, and I, for one, don’t want to be taken by surprise. We like to bake at our house, so last week we stocked up on icing sugar, and next on the list is to review our pie & cake recipes to decide which to prepare.

Then there’s the matter of locating my cowboy hat and checking the budget for what we’re going to be prepared to give… lots to do!

Pie for Missions?

This is the time of year when we give special attention to Missions, and then we get a little bit crazy with our giving by having a down-home country-style auction (complete with live auctioneer)!  It’s our Church of the Rock way to joyfully raise funds to support the spread of the Gospel around the world.

  • WINNIPEG SOUTH Pie Auction – March 3/4  (Saturday 5:25 PM, Sunday 9:25 or 11:25 AM)
  • NORTH END Pie Auction – March 4 (Sunday 11:00 AM)
  • BRONX PARK Pie Auction – March 11 (Sunday 10:25 AM)
  • WINNIPEG WEST Pie Auction – March 18 (Sunday 10:@25 AM)

Together, our 2017 auctions raised over $246,000

And that’s not counting the donations that kept coming in throughout the year.

I’d advise coming prepared to outbid your neighbour for that special pie, extravagant cake or delicious dessert creation that someone has lovingly prepared (or purchased) for the auction. Or go together with your home group or family to secure a treat to share. We’ve seen auctioned desserts go for hundreds of dollars, some for more than $1,000!

It’s obviously all about the giving.

We get to be part of something BIG, something that advances the kingdom of God and brings life to individual hearts and lives, just like we’ve freely received.

One last note about Pie

In addition to the auction, you can simply buy a whole pie to take home or even take some time to visit over a slice of pie with some ice cream in the coffee area. (Just want y’all to have fair warning.) Mmmmmhmmm… Pie…. YUMMMM!

So, put on your country-western duds, gussy up that layer-cake, stuff your wallet over-full and come on down!

Pie Auction details

For inspiration, check out our memories from previous Church of the Rock Pie Auctions…


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