When I was browsing through Facebook the other day, I noticed that one of my friends had posted a note—you know, one of those “if-you-read-this-and-agree,-copy-it-into-YOUR-status-and-send-it-to-ALL-of-your-friends-so-they-can-read-this-and-copy-it-and-send-it-to-all-of-their-friends-who-will-then-read-it-and-copy-it…” kind of notes.

What if we went “viral” with the good news of Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation to all who come to Him?

You tell a friend & they’ll tell a friend & they’ll tell a friend—that’s how it supposed to work. This was how it worked for Jesus’ disciples Andrew & Peter, the woman at the well, etc. It’s is likely how it worked for you too!

On Easter Sunday, a fellow brought one of his employees to a Church of the Rock service. This employee received Christ & signed up for the Discovery Class that was starting the following Wednesday. That fellow brought one of his buddies to the class on the first night & the following Sunday he received Christ as his Saviour. That same Sunday, the two of them brought another friend to church with them & he received Christ & started the Discovery Class with them!

Once our hearts engage with something that we are passionate about or that we understand to be important or helpful or wonderful, it’s a natural thing to desire to share and attempt to influence other people to experience the same. That’s how videos go viral, great recipes get replicated, businesses get swamped by selling too many Groupon deals, and all your kids’ friends end up wearing the same kind of shoes.

Maybe it’s the same dynamic you experienced when your friend told you about a hard situation they were going through and in your heart you longed to say: If only you knew Jesus and the power of His forgiveness and love in your life…He has made all the difference to me!

This summer, let’s live with our hearts and hands wide open, freely sharing what God has done and is able to do. Bring your friends to a Tuesday 6:25 PM service or a Sunday 10:25 AM service.  Or come together to one of our Thursday evening “Summer Discovery” classes.

Tell a friend, bring a friend… be a friend.


  1. That is an awesome story, about this fellow, who brought his friend to the Sunday Easter Service and it is very interesting, how Jesus works in peoples lives.

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