When I was growing up we had a silly joke. Question: How do you tell a female chromosome from a male chromosome? Answer: Pull down its genes. We thought that was hilarious back then. Now I think the joke’s time has finally come. Gender bending legislation has become the latest fad of Western governments and Canada is leading the way.  For whatever reason, our Prime Minister wants to go down in history as the world champion of pointless political correctness. A few weeks ago he corrected a young woman who used the term ‘mankind’ by reminding her that the proper term was ‘peoplekind’. Later when his ignorance of the language was revealed and he was challenged with the fact that ‘peoplekind’ is not a real word; he pretended he was just joking. He wasn’t of course, he was a part time drama teacher not a part time English teacher when he was in training to become a Prime Minister

Last year our federal government passed Bill C-16 which amended the human rights code to include the terms ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’. For the record, I support human rights for ‘all’ Canadians, which includes anyone within the LGBTQ community, and so I don’t think we need to be continually adding to the list of who ‘all’ includes. Facebook now has a growing list of over 50 gender expressions that people may choose to identify as. They include terms such as transgender, pangender, gender curious, gender queer, non-binary etc. It is anybody’s guess where this is all leading us. But now that the government has blindly started down this path, they have no choice but to deal with the consequences of commingling gender. Service Canada employees received a directive that they should no longer be using male and female pronouns with customers but instead gender neutral ones like ‘parent’ instead of mother or father, and ‘child’ instead of son or daughter. This has created no end of confusion for them since some people actually have two parents, both a mother and a father. They were not given guidelines to distinguish between these two non-specific parents. This is because our government has not thought any of this through and has no idea what the long term or even short term consequences will be of their new political-correct social engineering experiment. In August of 2018 the Canadian passport will include a new third gender option alongside F for female and M for male, and it will be X for whatever you want it to be. I am not sure people understand what kind of problems they might encounter when travelling to these poor miserable unenlightened nations that still only recognize two genders. It could be a recipe for landing them in one of those pre-modern gender specific prisons. The Ontario drivers license already has the X option and it has worked marvelously. “Do you know how fast you were travelling sir… ma’am… never mind, up against the car, spread em!  …ok… let me ask again. Do you  know how fast you were travelling SIR?”

Personally, I don’t care what people want to call themselves, that is their business. They can call themselves Klingons or Vulcans if they want. Fine by me. But I have to agree with University of Toronto Professor of Psychology Jordan Peterson that says it is an infringement of his freedom of speech if you start legislating what he has to call someone else. But here is the discussion nobody seems to be willing to have: that biologically there are only two genders – male and female. Every single person on the planet begins life with 2 gender chromosomes. One from their female mother and one from their male father. Mom with her XX can only pass on an X. Dad is XY and can pass on ether his X or Y and will ultimately determine your gender. Therefore, all males are XY chromosome and all females are XX chromosome. There is no other possible combination. Male or female are the only possibilities. Biologically that is the end of the story. It is Genetics 101 from Grade 10.

Why is no one standing up for biological scientific certitude? Why are we even having this discussion? Because our culture has put certain expectations on peoples’ sexuality which has in turn called into question a person’s (particularly young people) gender identity. This is described as when an individual’s psychosexual development does not seem to match the biological sex assigned by nature. We should be genuinely compassionate to those struggling with this gender dysphoria, but it does not change the fact that there are still only two genders. My sincere belief is that our identity issues should always come back to the God who created us. People who know who they are in Christ do not struggle nearly as much as those who have no theological framework for who they are. We see many people after they come to Christ who are quickly able to put the identity confusion of our world behind them. Back in the book of Genesis it says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; MALE and FEMALE created he them.” (Gen 1:27) Once again, even God Himself has declared that He has only created two genders, and we don’t get to pick which one He gives us either. Therefore, irrespective of how one dresses, wears their hair, the hormones they inject, the surgeries they undergo or their sexual preferences, they are still either genetically male or female. All you have to do to find out is pull down their genes.


  1. That is very well said. Often makes us wonder where our prime minister is coming from. He has everyone in a turmoil on what to say to another person. I agree that God has created us male and female and in his image. I truly believe that these so called other genders will have to one day give account for their lifestyles. He so clearly states in his word that bisexuality is wrong.
    Thank you Mark for this.

  2. Pastor Mark. Thank you for speaking truth, and never stepping back or aside from the Word of God, which is Truth. We are blessed hearing you, and also because our Pastor is exactly the same, everything he speaks on is based on and backed by the Word of God, and the Living Word, Jesus Christ. God’s Blessings.

  3. “A few weeks ago he corrected a young woman who used the term ‘mankind’ by reminding her that the proper term was ‘peoplekind’”.
    If you bothered to watch the full video of that incident you would find it was indeed a joke… but if you choose to believe a selectively edited version that supports your selective world view that’s willful ignorance on your part or just plain old “bearing false witness”. I guess only you’ll know for sure.

    1. It seems to me you are the one who chooses to be selective! Out of all the TRUTH Pastor Mark had to say on this issue you focus on and assume he is being selective? Pastor Mark backs up what he says with the Word of God. You can’t see the forest through the trees if that’s what you got out of his blog. And to say he is selective to back up his view is ignorant. His whole blog is about a very pertinent issue we as a country are facing and you choose to point out YOUR selective view on how he interpreted the P.M.?
      There’s a whole lot of truth in this blog that even in your “selective ” mindset is undeniably accurate and TRUE. Pray the Lord opens your eyes and that you read his blog again with an open heart.

  4. Bravo
    What happens now in the french language where some things are male and others are female? Will we remove le and la?

  5. Thanks for taking on this issue Mark. Common sense and biblical truth are both sorely needed in Canada today.

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