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  • healingx

    Over the past several weeks, we have been seeing some incredible healings at Church of the Rock Bronx Park during Power & Praise and prayer times! During our first Power & Praise at Bronx Park (May 22), a woman was completely healed of fibromyalgia which had plagued her for years, no longer experiencing her regular pain and fatigue which have not returned since. Shortly after, another woman shared that the excruciating back pain she had been wrestling with disappeared during a prayer...

  • 40DITW_logomosaic

    I came across this quote from Rick Warren today and thought it was a great reminder of why we’re doing what we’re doing: “Teaching means simply passing along knowledge. Transformation means actively listening to the Word of God and allowing it to truly change our lives. That’s why it’s so vital to get our hope from God’s Word every day!” For the next 6 weeks (i.e. until Easter weekend) our entire church is focusing on LEARNING the Word,...


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