Annual Missions Pie Auction

Advancing Missions in the 10/40 Window

Join us as we raise funds to support the spread of the GREAT NEWS of JESUS CHRIST across the world in the 10/40 Window!

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The 2021 Missions Pie Auction took place at each of our campuses on the MARCH 20/21 WEEKEND.

Visit the Pie Auction Site  (You can see the sold items until the beginning of April.)


We need people willing to bake masterful dessert creations (pie is not the limit!) and donate them to be purchased in the auction.

Pie Pre-registration Form – please register with the campus to which you are bringing your item for the auction. Drop-off instructions (and time deadlines) are provided on these pages :

PIE Registration – Bronx Park   PIE Registration – North End  PIE Registration – Niverville  PIE Registration – Winnipeg South

DONATE (i.e. Give to support Missions!)

Visit the Auction Site 

Become a Bidder 

It will save you time on Auction Day if you create your Bidder account before Auction Day. On the “Register” page of the Pie Auction Website you will be asked to provide your name, contact info—including addressand a password for your account (the password helps if you may end up using different devices later). You will also have the option to register a credit card, but you can enter that information later at checkout if you prefer. 

Go to the Pie Auction Site Now

Once you’ve registered, when you return to the PIE AUCTION website you will be able to login again using the “Account” button. 

In addition to items being auctioned, there will also be buy-it-now options starting around $80 and the ability to simply make monetary donations without purchasing any desserts.

Connect with YOUR CAMPUS Auction:

Because this fundraising project is churchwide, all of us are participating together to achieve our incredible goal of raising  $215,000 for Missions in the 10/40 Window. Uniquely this year, we are all doing it on the same day on the same website, so it’s important to stay aware of where you’re buying from – because that is where you’ll also need to pick it up from!

WINNIPEG SOUTH – your items are on the Live Auction and Buy-It-Now tabs at the top of the Pie Auction website.

Campus Quick Links:

Bronx Park Auction Page

North End Auction Page

Niverville Auction Page

PLEASE NOTE: Successful bidders and buy-it-now buyers will need to pick up their items from their church/campus location on the Saturday or Sunday. (Sorry, we can’t store them or ship these desserts successfully.)



If you would like to volunteer to help with this event, please contact your campus ministry staff