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A Greater Passion: Lessons on Living Large in Life and Love

by Pastor Mark Hughes, 2020

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Passion is the fuel for life—all great achievement and advancement comes from passionate people.
What would our immediate world look like if we became passionate to love our spouse, passionate to raise our kids, passionate to help our friends, passionate to excel in our careers, passionate to serve our church and passionate to change our communities?

A Greater Passion is based on the life and teachings of King Solomon, the world’s most passionate man. He was unique in that everything he set his hand to he did with excellence and excess. With inspirational stories, laugh-out-loud humour, and at times biting sarcasm, this book will explore the often uncomfortable lessons which emerge from King Solomon’s extraordinary life story.

Every human has been called to a divine purpose, and reaching that full potential will ultimately come down to our willingness to align our passions with God’s unique plan for our lives.

A Greater Purpose: Finding Your Place in God’s Great Big Space

by Pastor Mark Hughes, 2015

  • Cost $15 + $5 shipping (Canadian addresses only)

This book is about answering the big questions in life: Why am I here in the first place? What are the purposes that make life truly worth living? Is there a divine destiny that is specific to me alone? This is not another book about self-actualization or maximizing your human potential; it is about finding meaning in a world that is often confusing and misleading. Life isn’t always fair – it’s often hard and sometimes doesn’t make sense – but God, in His omniscience, has placed us in the midst of it all to discover our greater purpose. No one is put on planet Earth without a God-given destiny. Knowing exactly what that might be is the hard part.

The only real joy we experience in life is when our plans begin to align with God’s plan for our lives. This book will help you get there. It is about discovering your greater purpose. It is about finding your place in God’s great big space.

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