RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a digital media library with thousands of fantastic Christian videos – and it is now available to everyone at Church of the Rock for free! If you are part of the Church of the Rock family, you and each person in your household are eligible for a free account under our church subscription.

“I was fighting depression last night, but God is good and the RightNow Media videos lifted me out of it!!!  RightNow Media was my lifeline last night, and I encourage others to sign up for this. You never know when you will need a resource like this.”

How do I get invited?

Simply sign up to receive an email invitation to Rightnow Media using the form below.  Once you receive the email, “A gift from Church of the Rock – Your RightNow Media Account” (from rightnow.org) please click the link inside that email to continue your registration process.

Want help in person?

On the weekend, connect with a volunteer at your campus Info Centre or at the library at Winnipeg South.