Pastor Duane Masters

Growing up in Fort Frances, Ontario, Duane and his wife, Shawna, moved to Winnipeg in 1998 before joining our staff in 2001. Having a Bachelor in Theology and pastoring at two churches prior, Duane and Shawna were a natural fit for Church of the Rock. Starting with Youth Ministry for several years, Duane showed natural leadership and a talent for technical aspects, eventually moving into the Operations Pastor role, and most recently, accepted a position on our Senior Pastoral Team in 2018.

Duane and Shawna have a heart particularly for spreading the gospel, having led dozens of local outreach events and mission trips during their time on staff. In 2019, Duane accepted the role as Executive Director of the missions organization World Focus Inc., furthering his desire to spread God’s Word. He is also gifted prophetically and a frequent teacher of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Duane and Shawna have been instrumental in the success of Church of the Rock, and they hope to continue their calling in helping others hear God’s voice for many years to come.