Gwen D'Ottavio

Growing up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Gwen planned to visit Winnipeg for just a summer in 1988 but was convinced into staying longer, eventually marrying her Winnipeg-born husband, Tullio. Working in the service industry for many years, then embracing the joy of raising children, Gwen was looking to start a new chapter and joined our staff in 2000. Being the Children’s Ministry Coordinator for nearly 20 years, Gwen thrived in dreaming creative ways to show children Christ’s love for them, raising up dozens, if not hundreds, of leaders and teachers before accepting the position of Volunteer Coordinator in 2019.

Gwen now has a dream to help others find what she found through serving in church: community and family. Having long been an advocate for volunteering in Children’s Ministry, Gwen knows the joy and fulfillment found in serving others. No matter what skills you have, God always has a place for you to serve, and Gwen would love to help you find that place.