Pastor Keith Eberhard

Having served as both the pastor of a church and principal of the adjoining school in Canora, Saskatchewan, Keith and Susan moved to Winnipeg to join Church of the Rock’s pastoral staff in 1994. Keith was only the third person to have come on staff, which meant he did a little bit of everything: leading worship, running small groups, acting in dramas, preaching, teaching classes, and doing pastoral visits, to name just a few. Although Keith still does many of these things, he is particularly energized by mission work and seeing Christ change lives all over the world.

Be it on the mission field or at home in Winnipeg, Keith loves to help others process how Christ is with them in the midst of their struggles, and he hungers to see the Holy Spirit impact every person. He is active in prophetic ministry and uses his teaching gift to instruct believers in biblical knowledge as well as training for ministry.

Keith and Susan are eager to see the Kingdom of God grow and expand both in Winnipeg and all across the globe.