Pastor Tim Hamm

Growing up in Niverville, Manitoba, Tim joined our staff in 2005 in our IT department. It didn’t take long to realize that Tim was a man of many hats. With his background as a cruise ship recreation coordinator and a flair for the performance arts, Tim proved he was just as comfortable on stage as he was behind a computer screen. Finishing off some Bible School courses, he transitioned into becoming our Youth Pastor in 2010.

Tim has a relatable and practical style as he speaks foundational truths that inspire action. He has worked hard to empower others to step out of their comfort zone, drawing out godly passion in students and raising them into strong leaders. Tim has stayed true to his tech roots by also launching and becoming the pastor of Church of the Rock Online in 2013.

In Fall 2018, Tim and his wife, Marcia, took yet another quantum leap forward and launched Church of the Rock Niverville in their own hometown. With a passion for the very community they live in today, Tim’s desire is to draw in the growing population of Niverville to discover who Jesus is and learn what it means to follow Him.