High School Ministry – September 21st – Pizza Party

This week…

Small Group Pizza Party
Friday, September 21st
7:11pm-10:00pm In Youth Room
Cost: FREE
Who are these crazy, quirky people you are going to be hanging out with for the year?  Come on Friday and find out! Make new friends! Learn to not be awkward!  Worship, games and FREE pizza.

The week after that…

LARP – Live Action Role Play!
Friday, September 28th
7:11pm-10:00pm In Youth Room
One of our favourite games to play at HSM – LARP!  You’ll feel like you’re in a pirate movie as you battle each other with foam swords! It’s a cross between  We start a new faith series about Jesus!

The week after that…

2 Truths & A Lie
Friday, October 5th
7:11pm-10:00pm In Youth Room
How easy is it to fool your friends with what you say?  Think of 2 things that are crazy about yourself that are true and one thing that is a lie!  See if people can get it right! It’ll be fun to get to know people!  We will also be continuing our faith series on Jesus.


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