High School Ministry – Nov. 15th – 204 Conference!

This week…
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204 Conference
November 15th Friday 7 PM
BIGGEST youth conference in Manitoba. Sleepover is a possibility upon sign-up! Sign-up by emailing back! The conference will go until Saturday at 3:30. Let’s praise and worship Jesus together! Cost: $20

Waiver – Click Here!

The week after that…
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Talent Show
November 22nd Friday 7:11-10PM
It can be as simple as solving a Rubik’s cube, beatboxing, singing or dancing! It’s your chance to show us your cool and amazing talents and we are pump to see them!

The week after that…

Laser War
November 29th Friday 7:11-10 PM
Laser war in the entire church? I think so! We start our Have & Have-Nots series! It’s a series about comparisons!



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