High School Ministry – Nov. 29th – Laser War!

This week!

Laser War
November 29th Friday 7:11-10 PM
Laser war in the entire church? I think so! We start our Have & Have-Nots series! It’s a series about comparisons!

The week after that…

Ask Anything!
December 6th Friday 7:11-10 PM
Text in or ask any question about faith and life! We will try our best to answer as many as possible! Text anonymously and free: 431-801-5601

The week after that…

December 13th Friday 7:11-10 PM
We are celebrating what God has done in the short time we’ve been together by baptizing our students!  Bring your family and friends as we enjoy the evening together!  If you’d like to be baptized let Mathew know! Or send an email to mathew@churchoftherock.ca



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