I Wasn’t Invited, Yet They Invited Jesus And His Disciples

Have you ever heard about an important event taking place only to find out that you were not invited.  In some way, perhaps you were too distant from those putting on the occasion, or perhaps you did not “make the grade” to be invited, or perhaps were too rude, insensitive or brutish for people to consider asking you to be there.  Could it be that your “party pooper” nature caused others to be glad that you were not there to spoil the festivities that would be taking place.  In this context, John 2:2 gives an interesting statement about the nature of Jesus and His disciples, “Now both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding.”(John 2:2) This one verse give some important details about the life of Jesus, but it also gives a striking challenge to our personal lives and conduct.

First we see that as Jesus lived His life, He was not weird, unsocial, legalistic or condemning.  Jesus was liked enough by the common people that he was invited to someone’s wedding.  As the merriment and celebration of marriage was to be enjoyed, the bride’s and groom’s family felt that it was worthwhile to invite Jesus into the wedding festivities.  This speaks highly of the social ability of Jesus, people were comfortable with Him and they wanted Him and His followers to be present at this special event. Perhaps because of His social nature, caring heart or the many stories He told, He was seemed worthy to be invited, He was seen as an asset not a detriment at the wedding celebration.   The people valued who Jesus was and what He stood for, such that they invited Him and His disciples to the festivities.  In a reflective way the question could be asked, “would people see enough value, care and social grace upon you that they would willingly invite you to the family celebrations?  Is there some attribute of Jesus that we need to more fully embrace to enable us to be more like Him, one whom others would appreciate?  One whom others would want at their special occasions?

The second question that could come from this scripture would challenge our understanding of what Jesus is like and may also challenge our personal conduct. If we were to hold a special function, a party, a wedding, birthday or festival occasion would we be conducting ourselves in such a way that we would be comfortable to invite Jesus the Son of God to be there in the midst of the activities?  Would we be ashamed if He were to be there and if He were to see our conduct or hear or conversation?  Would we value Him as such a special friend that we would deliberately invite Him to be present at an event in our lives?

The people of Cana of Galilee, saw Jesus as One Whom they wanted involved in the special events of their lives.  He was not a threat, a bore or a prudish person who ruined festive occasions, but was seen as a friend worthy to be present celebrating along with the other guests.  Take some time to ask God to help you see the loving caring nature of Jesus.  Ask that you would better esteem Jesus as one worthy to be invited into all areas of your life.  If there are some parts of your life that you may be ashamed if Jesus were to see them, then ask Him to give you the desire and the power to change those areas.