Jesus Did not Commit Himself to Them – Part 2

John  2:23 – 25 says,  “Now when He was in Jerusalem at the Passover, during the feast, many believed in His name when they saw the signs which He did. But Jesus did not commit Himself to them, because He knew all men, and had no need that anyone should testify of man, for He knew what was in man.”

Jesus did not commit Himself to them – the word “commit” is the same Greek work that is translated “believe” in verse 23, or in John 3:16, or in most other places in the New Testament.    It means to put trust or confidence in.  Jesus did not put trust or reliance in them because He knew their heart.  This word of caution is also stated in Psalm 118:8, “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”

Yes, people are important and we are to work with and trust our leaders, parents, and those authorities over us; yet people have faults and they fail, but we can put our sure trust in the words, actions and character of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Knowing the heart, the purity, the faithfulness, the mercy and the loving nature of our Lord (1 John 4:16 “God is love”), we should confidently be willing to commit ourselves, to put our trust and our confidence in Him.  This is true believing.