Let The Children Play!

Did I say, “let the children play?”  I should have said, “let the children pray.”  Several nights ago in the evening service we encouraged the believers to pray for each other.  One young 10 year old Ugandan boy was overwhelmed with the opportunity to pray for others.  He rushed around looking to join one of our team members. Together with a team member they came to a lady with a head ache and chest pain, she also was consumed with fear over what was happening in her life. The young child started to pray and with one simple prayer the head pain and chest pain was gone. With some most concerted prayer the child and team member were able to see a liberated smile come upon the woman. All fear was gone.

God can us anyone, even a young child.  You might consider your faith or your spiritual walk to be childlike in nature but God can work through you too.  In Matthew 18:3 we are encouraged to be like little children, to see the full purposes of God, His kingdom.

Lord help us to do what You have set before us in Childlike faith.