Power & Praise and a Prophetic Call to Step Up

Last night we had a full house again at Power & Praise—the atmosphere was alive, and amidst the times of high exuberant praise songs and the hushed moments of being still and reverent, we encountered God in a profound way!

An important theme throughout the evening came from a series of prophetic words that were shared (LINK HERE to listen). The challenge, first to the generation under 35 years of age, was a call to step up to the line, to say yes to God and report for duty. This availability also meant that God would measure and adjust areas in their lives that needed to be changed so that they would be ready to minister, with His hand upon them, to people with broken lives and people with broken bodies.

The second challenge came to people 35 and older. God spoke to the “lists” of reasons why individuals felt they were too old or had missed their chance to minister. He is melting the accusations away and challenging them to be available for service as well. Your season has not passed if you will now say “Here I am, Lord.”

All these people were challenged to report for service before God and say, “YES, here I am, yes, check me out… I will gladly submit to Your work in me, Lord, because I want You in me and working through me.”

You can also notify the church that you have chosen to “report for service” in the way God has challenged. Please send an email to info@churchoftherock.ca as a way to affirm your response.

Other highlights of the evening included people coming forward to testify of how they had been healed at the last Power & Praise night,  others coming forward to receive prayer for healing or other needs, and a bunch of excited worshippers joining the team on stage to dance and sing to close off the night.

Don’t miss the next Power & Praise—please mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 17th!