Should Have Been Bitten

In the scriptures the number 40 is sometimes symbolic of new beginnings. So Moses, at the age of 40, leaves his luxurious life in the courts of Pharaoh and identifies with the Hebrew slaves  and therefore he is in seclusion for 40 years in the back side of the wilderness.  Now, at the age of 80, a new season in the life of Moses is about to begin.  As God appears to Moses in the burning bush and speaks of leadership, Moses shows concern.  Moses questions how the people will know that the Lord is with him.  God responds by telling Moses to throw his rod on the ground.  It becomes a snake.  There are lots of principles and truths behind that statement.  But then Moses is told to pick up the snake by the tail.  That is a challenge.  It is one thing to throw down your rod and let God do the miracle.  It is another thing to pick up a snake by the tail.  People familiar with snakes know that the best way to pick up a poisonous snake is to pin its head to the ground, and then pick up the snake just behind the head so that the reptile cannot whip back and bite you.  This becomes a key level of trust that Moses must master before entering into the new era of his life.  Will he trust God and obey him even when it seems like it might hurt him and when it seems like it might be illogical at the time.

We are beginning to enter into a New Year and with it, new areas of activity, new seasons of growth, the beginning of new opportunities in God’s kingdom.  What challenging things has God set before you in which you must step out and trust God?  How is God challenging you to obey Him, even when it may be difficult and even when in the natural way of doing things it seems foolish or illogical?

Take some time to bring these areas before the Lord seeking His strength and help so that you may be able to fully walk into this season of the New Year.