The Year Uzziah Died

This past week a close friend, a wise and godly mentor, Keith Hazell, passed away, gone to be with the Lord.  For over 26 years Keith spent time speaking into my life, helping me to minister effectively in a small rural context, and developing my ability to hear and understand the voice of God’s Spirit.  Keith had a unique ability to see the potential in individuals and to develop and draw out the Godly traits in them.  He was a visionary leader and a spiritual father to many.  His death leaves a hole in the lives of many.
In Isaiah 6:1 the scripture talks about a time when the godly King Uzziah died.  This was a time when there was a great loss, as there always is, when a righteous person dies.  Yet God was speaking of fresh vision and fresh life.  “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple. …”  In the midst of this time of Israel’s national loss, God starts to show Isaiah something:
– There was a fresh revelation of God and His nature Vs 3
– There was a new awareness of sin in the beholder Vs 5
– There was an awareness of the sin that was present all around the beholder Vs 5
– There was a fresh touch from God and fresh cleansing from God Vs 7
– There was a new calling and a new mission from God Vs 8
– There was a people or mission to whom one would be sent Vs 9
– There was a desire to fulfill that calling from God Vs 9
In our times of loosing a great leader and close friend, we can easily look back with regret, yet God would have us to look ahead and anticipate the He will continue to do great things, giving fresh vision for the days ahead.
Lord Jesus, thank you for bringing hope, even in the times of loss.  Help us to look beyond the grief to the new things that You want to accomplish.