Threshold Jr – April 1st

This Week!

Octopus Games!
Wednesday April 3rd @ 7pm-9pm

Join us for a night of mini games
while putting your skills to the test.


Camp Arnes Retreat (Cost $150)
Friday-Sunday, May 3rd-5th

We are heading to Camp Arnes!
The cost is $150 but we will have an opportunity
to fundraise on April 19th & 20th to reduce your cost to $100.
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Next Week!

Wheel of Ill Will!
Wednesday April 10th@ 7pm-9pm

The popular game is back with new challenges,
a guaranteed fun time and sweet candy prizes!

In 2 Weeks!

Camp Arnes Fundraiser (No Youth on Wednesday)
Friday & Saturday (April 19th & 20th)

We will not have Youth on Wednesday evening.
Instead, you have a chance to reduce your Retreat cost
to $100 from $150 by volunteering at the Impactus Men’s Conference.
We will be selling food. More details for time slots to follow.

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