Will any Job Do?

In the eyes of Martin Luther, all work was noble and good.  Does this mean that we should be content in any job?  If any job would be appropriate, do we need to seek a career or even go to school?  In The Jewish culture every young man was trained in a skill, so that they would have a career through which to provide for the needs of his family.  This career was often the same as the fathers.  That is why Paul could say that if a man would not work neither should he eat. (2 Thess. 3:10)

It is important to ask what gifts and abilities has God given to you, gifts which should be used and developed.   Jesus said that the person who is faithful in that which was little would be made ruler over much, but we must press on beyond the little things.

  • What are the God given passions and desires which God has given to you, which should be walked out?
  • What vision has God given to you?
  • What education or training is necessary to fulfill these purposes of God?   The scriptures do encourage us to “study to show ourselves approved unto God.”
  • What potential has God hidden within you that needs to be developed?
  • Are there opportunities that God has set before you which need to entered into?

Lord help us so that we fully develop every skill and ability that You have given to us.  Help us to not be complacent when You are challenging us to move forward.  Help us to move into every opportunity that You have for us.