Christmas Gifts for Missions 2023

The deadline for donating toward these gifts is 9:00 PM on SUNDAY, Dec. 24, 2023.

This year we are collecting donations for specific needs on the mission field. (Click on each gift  title to expand more information.)

$25 – Food Packages for Israel
  • We are at the doorstep of a major turning to the Lord because of the devastating war in Israel. Empower feels led to take this opportunity to come alongside the hurt and suffering in the country who have experienced tremendous loss. This Christmas, Empower wants to provide crucial food packages to refugees, children, and ​the forgotten ones” in order to assist them in the challenge of rebuilding their lives. Each food package costs $25.
$25 – Box of Scriptures for Ukraine
  • Since the beginning of the war, Empower has printed, shipped and delivered 224,000 copies of Scripture to the people of Ukraine. Families and individuals seeking peace and God’s love now have the answers they need. This Christmas, Empower is printing more Scripture for the people of Ukraine who are eagerly waiting to read God’s Word for themselves.
$35 – Bibles (10) for Ethiopia
  • Empower provides hundreds of thousands of Bibles each year to support the enormous number of new believers in Ethiopia.However, their request is for hundreds of thousands more Bibles. As of now, a single Bible is being shared among 25 new believers within a clan or family environment. This is necessary because of the millions of rural Ethiopians embracing Christianity. This Christmas, Empower wants to send as many Bibles as possible to Ethiopia to feed this urgent need for more Scripture. $35 provides 10 Bibles.
$40 – Gift for a Pastor in Vietnam
  • The diligent pastors in these intensely persecuted areas sacrifice daily for the sake of the Gospel. Empower is currently training 1,369 pastors in Vietnam to serve in the newly established churches in the central and northern parts of the country. These pastors exhibit remarkable dedication to the Gospel, persisting in their mission despite facing intense persecution. This Christmas, Empower plans to present these pastors with thoughtful gifts that include a tie, a backpack, and one motorcycle helmet to bless them in their ministry.
$50 – Send a Child in Albania to Kids Camp
  • There is an extraordinary outpouring of the Holy Spirit among believers and churches in Albania. A large number of young people from impoverished and difficult lives are coming to know the Lord. This Christmas, Empower wants to send these young believers from the inner city of Tirana to a Gospel centered kid’s camp for one week to strengthen their faith and shower them with love
$60 – Provide Winter Coats & Boots for Kids and Youth in Serbia
  • In Serbia, Empower is witnessing a blossoming youth ministry among the Romani (gypsy) people with hundreds of young people coming to the Lord. Spiritually they are rich, but economically, many of these young converts are extremely poor. Many parents find it almost impossible to provide them with warm clothing to ward off the cold of winter in the Balkans. This Christmas, Empower wants to provide hundreds of sets of winter coats and boots for kids and youth who would otherwise go without.
$350 – Mini Farm in Laos
  • Empower operates in Laos, a predominantly Buddhist country in Southeast Asia, where it supports national church planters who are actively spreading the Gospel and witnessing an abundance of conversions. To encourage these church planters, Empower provides them with a Mini Farm consisting of livestock such as chickens, pigs, ducks, fish, as well as aquaponics systems, seeds, and gardening equipment. This strategic investment enables the church planting families to become self-sufficient for an extended period. This Christmas, you have the opportunity to bless a pastor and his family with a Mini Farm that will bolster their lives and ministry.

The deadline for donating toward these gifts is 9:00 PM on SUNDAY, Dec. 24, 2023.

Partial donations will also be accepted towards any of the above gifts.

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You may also give in person at any of our weekend services by marking your gift choice on the “Missions Other” line on the offering envelope, or contact the church office for other payment options.

Christmas Gifts for Missions donation deadline is Dec. 24, 2023.

  • Once you have logged in to Online Giving – go to “Give Now” and under the heading “Give to…” select “Missions Projects (International)” and then select the type of gift and then enter the amount you have decided.