Engage to Win!

February is family month at Church of the Rock and it’s a time to celebrate and equip families in understanding the value of spending time together. It can be very busy with sports, work, school and activities and it’s sometimes easy to forget the simple things being valuing our community and family.

Family can look different for us as young adults and we want to engage with our friends/family and community and celebrate the relationships in our lives while creating new ones too. Come along and ENGAGE to WIN with our February challenge.

How to Play

1. Complete an activity
2. Take a selfie of the activity you’ve completed.

    • If the activity is with a person, take a selfie with the person
    • If a selfie cannot be taken, write down the activity and the person’s name

3. Submit your selfies to our Instagram engage_cotr or email them to engage@churchoftherock.ca with note indicating the activity.
4. Each completed task is one entry to win a prize – you can only win once.
5. You cannot use the same friend for multiple activities.

Sample Submission

  • A selfie with a classmate while studying together.
  • Prayed for my friend Bob and let them know about it.

Prizes to be won

  • Collide Conference Ticket 2024 (May 3-4) Click here
  • Restaurant Gift Card
  • Superstore Gift Card

First prize winner will be given 1st choice, second prize winner will be given 2nd choice.

Important Dates:

February 1 – first eligible day to enter
February 24 – last day to enter
February 25 – names will be drawn for prizes
February 29 – claim your prize during our Young Adult event or make arrangement with us.