Kidz Rock Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities/Program Descriptions

BABY ROCKZ – For babies up to age 24 months. Loving volunteers will care, cuddle and interact with children as parents get refreshed and recharged in “Big Church.”

PRESCHOOL: First Look – This is the name of our program for children AGES 2 through PRE-K. Our curriculum is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of children in this age group with relevant Bible teaching, crafts, activities and music.

ELEMENTARY: 252 Basics – This is our ministry for Kindergarten through Grade 4. Kids will meet as a Large Group to receive the Bible teaching for the week. They will finish their Sunday morning experience in their Small Groups with their Small Group Leaders. Children will be in Small Groups based on grade levels.

COLLIDE 5/6 (Bronx Park & Wpg South) – This ministry is specifically designed for children in Grades 5 & 6. Students in Collide will begin their Sunday morning experience in a large group setting where they will receive the Bible teaching for the week. They will be dismissed to meet with their Small Group Leaders for further teaching, connecting and age appropriate activities.

Joshua’s Friends (North End & Wpg South) – As part of caring for every child in our program, we are looking for caring buddies who would love to stay with a child who may need a little more attention within the classroom setting.

Check-in Team – These front-line volunteers are welcoming, friendly and helpful. Their role is checking in new and returning families. Minimal computer skills required; smiles are a must.

Tech Leader – The role is to set up all technical (computer and media) equipment in Kidz Rock and be available to troubleshoot as issues arise.  Needs to have a good understanding and knowledge of computers, TVs, DVD players, printers, etc.

Jr Tech Support (Age 11 and up) – Become trained to use all the audio/visual tech equipment in the KR rooms (sound board, computer generated media, lights, mics, etc.).  Jr Techs need to be available to run media during KR class.