A Discipleship Experience

Grow in your leadership potential and in your walk with Christ!

In each Transformations session we will engage in worship, training and hands-on activation.


Summer 2023 Schedule TBD  …  in the meantime, please feel free to explore our on-demand courses listed below


Watch Now - Hearing God's Voice

TRANSFORMATIONS - WATCH ON DEMAND Hearing God's Voice God desires to speak with us, and He is already doing it on a regular basis! The trouble is that we so…
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Watch Now - Understanding Your Gifts

TRANSFORMATIONS - WATCH ON DEMAND Understanding Your Gifts Every day our lives and relationships are influenced by the way we are wired. Romans 12:6-8 lists the seven different motivational gifts,…
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Watch Now - Winning Your Everyday Spiritual Battles

TRANSFORMATIONS - WATCH ON DEMAND Winning Your Everyday Spiritual Battles Whether we are aware of it or not, we are in a spiritual battle every day of our lives. The…
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