Pastor Aubrey Krahn

Aubrey and Eileen have been pastoring for more than 30 years.  They moved to Winnipeg to join our pastoral staff in 2001. An experienced leader, Aubrey exercises his talents as a mentor and spiritual guide for those in need. Since 2013, Aubrey has been heavily involved in the multi‐site plants, raising up and preparing leaders for each of the Church of the Rock campuses.

As part of our senior pastoral team, Aubrey has a strong focus on building Christian community, helping others hear the voice of God, equipping others to minister out of a emotionally healthy place, and raising up the next generation of ministry leaders, particularly for small groups and ministry leadership. In his relational and relatable style of preaching, Aubrey is a gracious and practical speaker, equipping believers to realize their full potential in Christ. He is continually on the watch for potential leaders and is elated for the opportunities God has given to develop and strengthen future church forerunners.

Aubrey also serves on the apostolic council for LifeLinks International, the network of churches to which Church of the Rock belongs.