Danica Toews

Involved and volunteering at Church of the Rock her entire life, Danica Toews joined Church of the Rock staff as a ministry intern in May 2014 after completing her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Manitoba. Already heavily involved in young adult ministry, Danica began to see a deep need for singles within the church, particularly for those over the age of 30. Searching to find a way to effectively reach this commonly neglected group of people, she headed up a Christian Singles Conference in May 2015, and the FOCAS 30+ singles ministry was born. Shortly after, Danica accepted the role of Young Adult & Singles Director in September 2015. Her passion to help young adults and single adults has only grown, and she desires to help as many people as possible grow in intentionality, passionately pursue God, have amazing, godly relationships, and find joy and contentment in their current stage of life. Whether young adult, single, or neither, Danica always strives to encourage others to perceive how God is working in and challenging us to exemplify Christ every day.