Derek Zeilstra

Winnipeg born and raised, Derek joined our ministry staff in 2004. Having already worked 7 ½ years at another Winnipeg church leading worship, Derek and his wife, Lisa, decided to visit Church of the Rock while looking for the next place to land. Their planned one-time visit turned into a weekly tradition, eventually looking to volunteer, then attending Church Camp where God powerfully spoke to them and confirmed that they were in the right place. Eight months after their initial visit, Derek accepted the position as Worship Director.

Growing up in a Christian home, in his early years Derek found himself bored with church and high school chapel, but he had a change of heart in university, where God grabbed hold of him again and gave him a passion to pursue music. Derek sees the irony in how God inspired him into a Music Degree and eventually ministering in a church, the very thing he rejected growing up. His past, however, motivates him now to stir others who are unchurched or uninterested to find real connection with God. Derek firmly believes that if God can turn his life around and give him a passion for worship, Jesus, and the church, then God can do it for anyone.