Expectation In Freedom

What pressures are upon you?  What do you want to be free or liberated from?  Is it sickness, a bad relationship, financial pressures, a poor education, or emotional struggles?  “God help me, I want to be free!”

In Exodus God speaks to Pharaoh about freeing His people from the slavery that they are in. “Let My people go, that they may serve Me.” (Exodus 9:1).  Notice that God did not merely say, “Let my people go,” or “Deliver them from bondage,” or “Liberate the people”.  Rather God said , “Let My people go, that they may serve Me.”  There was a purpose for deliverance, it wasn’t just to make life easier for the Israelites, though that would be nice.  It was about being free to walk with God and being free to serve God more fully.

We want change in our lives and situations, but do we want the changes for the right reasons?  In the context of Exodus 9 we see that God’s reason for change was so that the people would serve God, worship God and walk more fully with God.  I sometimes wonder if sometimes God deliberately holds back from working around us, because He knows that if He instituted a change, as we would want, then we would actually be less faithful to serve, worship and walk with Him.  What are your reasons for change, do your reasons line up with God’s reasons?

Lord Jesus, help us to faithfully walk with You, to worship You and to serve You, not because we “have to” but because we “want to”.  Not to get a reward from You, but because we truly are grateful for what You have done for us and because we love You.