I Want A Better Job

Ever wish you had a different job, one that was more fulfilling, had fewer hours, one that had better rewards?

Interestingly, Martin Luther had a revolutionary concept of work.  He felt that there were no “low status” or “high status” forms of work, no better or worse forms of work.  Luther felt there was no difference between the kind of work that the Christian did so long as he performed it to the glory of God.  This notion of work shifted the meaning from “what” and “how” to “why”.  Work was not an end in itself, but something the person did in everyday life to the glory of God and to the service of mankind.   It was in this context that Luther saw God was in all forms of work, although He was “hidden” within it.   God was so hidden in people’s work, that unless the Christian thinks about it (and only the Christian with the Spirit of God in him can do so), he will have no awareness of God’s presence in his work.  Luther felt that since God is hidden in one’s work, to the Christian, all work is of equal value.

There may be lots to grumble and complain about in your job, but do you take time to see God in the midst of your work?  In your job, do you expect God to meet you and to work through you?  Do you accomplish all that is before you to the Glory of God?  (1Co 10:31 “whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”)