Panic Attack

Yesterday my 87 year old mom had a panic attack.  I was about to depart to Africa and something in my mom’s home broke.  In anxiety she phoned, knowing that I would be able to provide only limited help, and fearful that if I would be away and something else happened then what would they do.  When I finally got to her house to look at the situation mom said, “I was so worked up.  All I could think about was that you would not be around to help us if something else were to happen.”  She continued, “But then God spoke to me.  God said, ‘You are putting too much emphasis on Keith not being here, but I, the Lord, will always be here.'”  Mom said immediately peace that came upon her.  She realized that what she really needed was not myself, but God being with her.  Matthew 28:20 says, “lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  Are you robbed of the peace that God has for you?  Do you fail to see that He will always be with you?

Lord Jesus forgive me for failing to rest in your unending presence with me.  You will not leave me, let this bring great peace to me.