The Perfect Storm

Have you ever had a storm in life where you said, “Why now,  why at this time?”  We were flying over Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa, to land in Entebbe.  As we are descending we fly into a storm.  The plane suddenly drops, it is shifting and tilting from side, to side.  Think of a roller coaster but in a Bowing 737.  Think of a “peaceful” flight but take the “peaceful” away.  This is not what we would want in the start of the mission trip.  Just hold on to the thought of the storm.

On this flight, sitting next to me, there is a young businessman from Dubai.   I’m talking to him about the importance of walking with God.  How such a walk cannot be based upon our own efforts for they will never be sufficient. I shared how true Christianity says that we will never be good enough to walk with God on our own ability, we need the help of God through Jesus Christ.  This help comes through our trust in Jesus.  Jesus came to help us walk with God, He came to forgive our sins.  It would take a God to help us walk with God, and that is why God came, as Jesus, to help us.  I asked the man, “If you were to die tonight do you know if you would go to heaven.”  To this he said, “I hope so, but I’m not sure.”  As I talked about the confidence that we can have of an eternity with God, no matter what happens here on earth, he said, “That would be nice to have, perhaps I’ll think about it later.”  At that moment the roller coaster on the 737 started.  The conversation immediately intensified.  The possibility of death got pushed off, from some future event, to the immediate.

Without the full context of background information, the storm would have been a fearful experience.  Other passengers or the flight attendants, without the context, might have been fearful or seen the storm as a threat.  I saw this storm as a motivational tool of the Lord.  God used this event to motivate the man and accentuate the need for a relationship with Jesus Christ, now, not just in the future.  Matt 4:41 “even the wind and the sea obey Him!”

What storms are you going through?  Expect God to work even if you are not seeing the big picture.  Lord, may we trust more in the working of you, even in the storms of life.