Three Natures of Relationship

I have heard it said that among believers there are three types of relationship or three motives for worship.  There are those who worship God to attain His favour, that is the worship of the merchant.  Merchants buy and sell to gain something.  There are those who worship God to avoid His hell or His punishment, that is the worship of a slave.  Slaves try to appease their masters to keep from experiencing pain.  Then there are those who worship God out of a noble and grateful heart, that is the worship of free men.  The free person does not try to gain but rather has something to give.  To avoid God’s wrath or to get His blessings is seen as something which is done out of the motive of self interest or selfishness.  But if you worship and relate to God out of gratitude then how much better is that.

What is your motive for your worship and your walk with God?  Lord Jesus, I want to respond to you from a heart of gratitude.  Let there be true worship and thanksgiving resounding from my heart because I am free from sin, guilt and condemnation.