Missions Fundraising Projects 2024

Raising Funds for the 10/40 Window & BEYOND

For the month of March 2024 (PIE AUCTION MONTH), our goal is to bring in $500,000 through the auctioning and selling of pies and cakes and wonderful desserts at all of our campuses, to launch us toward fulfilling our commitments to this year’s missions projects.

Church of the Rock has committed to matching all funds raised by the Pie Auction as well as all donations to the “10/40 Window & Beyond General” fund this year, hoping to surpass $1 MILLION to give to missions in 2024!

This Year’s Missions Projects (tentative list)

  • Unreached Peoples – $210,000 for five Bible Translation projects
    • India (3)
    • Cameroon (2)
  • Uganda$100,000 for Roof Projects
  • Ethiopia  – $75,000 for National Evangelistic Outreach
  • El Salvador – $55,000 for Outreach Bibles to Children & Teens (including those whose fathers are in prison)
  • South Sudan – $53,000 for Outreach & Support for Refugees in Sudan
  • Uganda$50,000 for Medical Clinics
  • Middle East & Central Asia – $32,000 for Equipping Church Leaders
  • North India$32,000 for Widows Sewing Project
  • Worldwide$30,000 for Gospel Enriched Compassion re: Human Slavery
  • India – $25,000 for Mini Crusades & Jesus Festivals
  • India – $25,000 for Jesus Festivals
  • Ukraine$25,000 for New Testaments
  • Ukraine$25,000 for Relief
  • North Africa $25,000 for Change-makers Learning Centre
  • SW Asia$25,000 for Radio and Media Ministry
  • Central Asia$20,000 for Media Evangelism
  • Philippines$20,000 for Touch of Grace Ministries
  • Ethiopia & Somaliland$20,000 for Soccer Outreach & Training (Cara & Johannes Yadanga)
  • Afghanistan$20,000 for Pamir Ministries Radio Outreach
  • Arab Peninsula$20,000 for Gospel Outreach
  • Sudan Project – $20,000 for Gospel Outreach
  • Brazil$20,000 for River Boat Project (Medical Care, Evangelism, & Discipleship along Purus River)
  • Syrian Refugees$15,000 for Relief
  • West Africa – $12,000 for Bible Translation
  • Serbia$12,000 for Outreach to Gypsy Villages
  • China$10,000 for Bibles for New Believers
  • Burma$10,000 for New Testaments
  • India$10,000 to provide Motorcycles for National Pastors and Church Planters
  • Uganda $5,000 for Pastors Conference

Pie Auction Details

Online Giving Instructions for 10/40 Window & Beyond!