This week…

Wed. Sept 12  *DATE CHANGE*
Threshold Jr (Starting Gr 6-8)
Meet at church @ 6:15pm
Pickup @ 9:15pm
The school year kicks off with Threshold Jr going to the Corn Maze!

The week after that…

Small Group Pizza Party
September 19th
Wednesday – 7pm-9pm – Cost: FREE
Come and meet new friends and your new small group for this year!  We always rock some games, worship and a vision for what this year is going to look like!

The week after that…

Threshold Jr Game Show & Prizes
September 26th
Wednesday – 7pm-9pm – Cost: FREE
Get used to the crazy, wacky, yet fun games we play on a Wednesday night!  And this night will be no exception! Join us and we hang out and start a new faith series on Jesus!



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