It used to be that people would sing when they worked or as they went about with life. However now people are becoming more individualistic and more self conscious.  Singing is no longer a common thing when people are at home or at work.

King David said, “I will praise the name of God with a song, And will magnify Him with thanksgiving. This also shall please the Lord better than an ox or bull, Which has horns and hooves.” (Psalms 69:30, 31 NKJV). Davis was aware of the power of singing songs of praise unto His God. He knew that God was well pleased with the songs that are brought  before Him.

Some people try to do things to earn God’s pleasure, this never works because we cannot earn or make God pleased with us, however we can do things which please God.

When was the last time that you just sang songs for the sake of singing or for worship or praise unto The Lord?  Lord, may our hearts always have a song of praise unto You.