There are some things that each of us are gifted and skilled at, we can easily perform those things without stretching ourselves and perhaps without even requiring much faith.  I was recently the keynote speaker at a Bible School graduation service in Haiti.  After conducting two full days of a pastoral training conference, a 25 minute convocation speech would be easy.
From my perspective, the things shared were received well and helped to project the convocating students ahead to the next phase of their lives.  It occurred to me, “we should be praying for these graduates, and such a prayer is not in the agenda for the event.”  I whispered to my interpreter to ask the chancellor of the of the convocation if he wanted us to pray for the graduates.  The chancellor leaned over and through the interpreter, said, “Yes, you can pray over them next.”   That too would be easy, so I prayed a corporate prayer of blessing over the group.  Then another thought came, “Wouldn’t it be exciting if each of these graduates were to receive their own personal prophetic word, at this time when they are moving ahead into a new venture in their life!”  This task would not be as easy.
In each of our lives there are things that we can do so well, we can just about do them in our sleep.  Little faith is needed to do them.  We are so good at them that we would hardly even need God’s help, but there will be other things which God would then want each of us to enter into.  Things that will stretch us, beyond the easy things.  Activities that will require great faith in our personal lives.  We are to be taking on new challenges beyond just what was easy.  Habakkuk 2:4 encourages us that “the just shall live by faith”
What is our Lord challenging you to do?  What will require faith, because it is not easy, because it is not familiar?  What would you really need God’s help to accomplish?  Perhaps that is the new direction for your life!  Our Lord wants you to live by faith in Him!