Wednesday March 7 – No Threshold Jr – Moved to Saturday March 9

Threshold Jr Retreat Fundraiser
Saturday March 9, 2018
in the Youth Room

We will be making sandwiches and selling food
at the Promise Keepers event at Church of the Rock.

Everyone who comes will get a big discount ($50-90)
to their Threshold Jr Retreat cost (around $150).
Retreat date: April 27-29 at Camp Arnes
Retreat registrations coming out in April

Please use the East Parking lot (by the youth room) and get checked in at the youth room.  If any security/parking attendants ask, just say you are with the youth group and they will let you through.

Also if you have long hair, please come with it restrained as we are making food.  Hairnets will be provided as well.

If you absolutely can’t make it for this time, contact me and we can figure something out.

Email with any questions.  



Threshold Jr Game Show Night
Great Expectations Series
Wednesday March 14, 2018
in the Youth Room

The night will be full of times with friends playing games and learning about Jesus.  We have this night down to a science!  We will be starting a new series called ‘Great Expectations’ talking about age-appropriate and God-focused way to view sexuality!  Join us as we continue to have a ton of fun together!




Each week we collect an offering
for our sponsor child Simon
& for other missions projects

Sponsor Child 2015 (Simon)



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