Why are you alive?  What is your purpose?  These are important questions to ask, but our response to the answers is just as important.  In Revelation 4:11 the twenty-four elders, fall down prostrating themselves before God, throwing their crowns before the throne of God in worship.  As they do this they declare, “You are worthy, O Lord, To receive glory and honor and power; For You created all things, And by Your will they exist and were created.”

Implied in their statements and actions is an understanding of:

  • Worship – there was this one eternal God that was greater than the elders and was worthy of reverence and adoration.
  • Submission – the crowns, representing the individuals place of authority, their stature, their possessions, were willingly yielded/thrown before the Everlasting God.
  • Appreciation – God was  worthy, for He created all things.  There was appreciation for the working of God in the world and in their lives.  At times we may not  fully comprehend what is happening but there needs to be an appreciation that what is done is “good” as seen from the perspective of the      kingdom of God.
  • Purpose – by the will of God they were created and exist.  From our perspective we may not understand what is happening in our lives, but God has a purpose for our being created and a reason for why we exist.

Since God is the creator, our purpose for existence will only come to its fulfillment as we walk with Him, Who is our Creator.  Worship, submission and appreciation for our great God and His actions will be essential for fulfilling the purposes for our existence.
Lord, may we be more like these heavenly elders, constantly showing worship, submission and appreciation for You and for what You are doing.