Paradox Principles/ Less is More

August 11th, 2013 – Mark Hughes

Life is full of paradoxes (seemingly absurd but possibly true statements).  We use them every day and scarcely even take notice.  For example: Don’t go near the water until you learn how to swim.  Life is also full of paradoxical principles, immutable laws that, though they seem absurd, are true and we ignore at our own peril.  Many of the most important ones come from Scripture, and in this unique series Pastor Mark explores some of the most counterintuitive of these life-transforming principles.

Part 2:

We are all familiar with this expression and will often quote it.  In practice, however, in our profoundly materialistic world most of us don’t believe it and opt for the alternative—more is more.  In this challenging message, Pastor Mark gives numerous examples of how less can mean more:  Less of our world means more of God’s world; Less of our efforts means more of God’s effort; and Less of our life means more of God’s life.