Video Announcements!

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This week…
February 19th, 7:11pm-9:45pm
Youth Room
We are continuing our second small group DVD series called Christian.  It promotes what authentic faith looks like and we get a new way to look at the word ‘Christian’.  It’s fundamental but incredibly profound – anyone can get it.  Snacks will be provided as per usual!

The week after that…
January 26th – 7:00pm-10:00pm
Cost: $18.00
2 Waiver Forms Needed

Online Waiver:
HSM Waiver:
Dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, foam pit – all on trampolines!  Is it starting to sound fun yet?  Bring out your friends as we go jumping at Skyzone!

The week after…
Camp Retreat Fundraider
March 4th-5th
Those who help out at Promise Keepers will receive $50-80 off their camp retreat price!  We’re heading out to Camp Arnes on April 22-24, so book it off in your calendar.  We need you to sign up for one of the following shifts!
1) Friday – 5:30 – 10:00pm (10 people ONLY)
2) Saturday – 8:00am – 12:30pm (Most needed here)
3)Saturday – 12:00-4:30pm (10 people ONLY)


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