On the weekend of October 12-14, a team of 8 from Church of the Rock visited Jackhead, MB, an indigenous community 4 hours north of Winnipeg. The name of the community in the local tongue is Kinonjeoshtegon.

On Friday, the team led a children’s program for 15 kids. The kids’ theme for the weekend was Loving others because Jesus loves us. Every kid responded in prayer to ask Jesus to come closer to them! With lots of energy, the kids did crafts, games, and songs.

Later on that evening, the team participated in a powerful prayer meeting, seeking God to bring His Kingdom into the community. Local participants spoke to the team about the challenges within the community so that we could direct our prayer in specific ways.

On Saturday, the clothing give-away – which was all the winter clothes donated from you through Church of the Rock – and many families came. The team also prayed for them and built relationship with each person that came.

During that time, a woman came that was experiencing difficulty breathing and pain in her ribs. After prayer, God healed her completely! Praise Him!

In the afternoon, the team split. Some stayed to do a second kids’ program, and some went to visit people in their homes and pray with them. Around 30 kids joined in this time, continuing on the same theme.

When we visited homes, we brought a small gift of food to each home and prayed for whatever they asked. It was encouraging to hear many people desire to know God more.

The Saturday evening service had good attendance, and with the topic of Identity in Christ, the congregation interacted well in the discussion afterwards. A number of people said it was good to be brought back to the foundation of who they are in Christ. Let’s pray that they continue steadfastly in the truth of who they are because of what Christ has accomplished!

On Sunday, the team was happy to observe the local church put on a service that included baby dedications. Four children were brought by their parents to be dedicated to God!

Although it 3 inches of snow fell on Sunday morning, we were kept safe on the roads on the way home.

All in all, it was a great trip of ministry, deepening relationships, and witnessing God work in northern Manitoba!


    1. Thank you, Sally! It’s always wonderful to be part of God’s Kingdom work! Maybe next trip you will join us?

  1. Praise God and how he works with
    you people to bring
    more to him. Thank you Lord..

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